Originally created 03/25/01

Column was no 'affront' to Christian

David Sisler's March 10 column was not "an affront to all Christians" (at least to this one) as stated in Gene Rickaby's March 17 letter. I think Mr. Sisler was on target.

I do not think Mr. Sisler was callous or advancing "his own brand of zealotry." He was exercising his First Amendment rights. He is also a Christian minister and is obligated to apply "The Good News" to situations and problems of the world.

I know this isn't politically correct, but all Christians are obliged to tell everyone about the Salvation of Jesus Christ, i.e., the Gospel. Jesus commanded this and it is not just the duty of parents or clergy as Mr. Rickaby wrote.

Mr. Rickaby stated, "The truly Christian student need not hear the message of Christianity from his principal or science teacher ..." How does he know what a Christian student needs to hear? Or a non-Christian student, for that matter?

I don't care what anyone's statistics say, school is a tough place. Kids need all the help they can get. Christians will continue to show their concern and love for others by spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ. Politically correct or not, that's just the way it is.

Harry Thomason, Augusta


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