Originally created 03/25/01

Writer ignorant of Southern heritage

Augustus Nelms in his March 12 letter made two mistakes:

Thinking he knew what he was talking about.

Not doing any research and therefore exposing his ignorance about Southern history.

Larry Sconyers never said anything about the real Georgia flag. That was Patricia W. Jennings mentioning her trip to Sconyers BBQ and that she was glad to see him flying the real Georgia flag, and not the "King" Roy Barnes' snot rag.

Then his ignorance shows through by stereotyping Southerners who know and love our Southern cross and what it stands for - no, it is not hate and slavery. Also to say that every hate group in the U.S. flies this flag is ridiculous. If that were true, then the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People needs to start carrying it. They are the biggest hate group in the country.

I fly the South Carolina state flag and the Confederate flag at my house, as does my brother, and three other people in my neighborhood. I also have two tags and six stickers on my truck. For you to accurately predict what is in someone's heart is not only impossible, but very judgmental.

I fly them to honor my seven Confederate ancestors of whom five died in the war, and to let people know I'm proud of my Southern heritage regardless of what people like Mr. Nelms think...

Lee Herron, North Augusta


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