Originally created 03/25/01

Proud to be a religious fanatic

Regarding holding Andy Williams' parents accountable for the murders he allegedly committed at Santana High School near San Diego:

Legally, they should not be accountable, but morally they should be. And not only them, but society as a whole. Where have we gone wrong to raise a generation that puts no value on human life?

I know that this country needs a good dose of a healthy fear of God. We need God back in our homes, back in our schools, and back in our government. God is what our Founding Fathers based the laws of this country on.

How about "In God we trust," or "one nation, under God," or "All men are created equal?" There's plenty more. Some people will probably call me a religious fanatic, but that's one name I'll be proud to be called. Get your family in church, or what's our next generation of children going to be like?

Jimmy Yon, Aiken


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