Originally created 03/25/01

Pocket change

THIN IS IN. Would you like a digital camera that can almost fit in your wallet's credit card pocket?

The Ultra-Pocket is 6 mm thin, connects to a computer via USB and comes with a removable 8-megabyte card that stores 40 pictures. For more information, visit SMaL Camera Technologies at www.smalcamera.com

AIRLINE ANGER. Here's a Web site where you can submit a complaint online and view those that others have lodged; if the complaint has been resolved, it will be so noted: www.airtravelcomplaints.com. Complaints are categorized by airline and by topics such as fares, meals, rude employees and mechanical problems.

FERRY FARE UP. Ferry rides to the Statue of Liberty rose a dollar to $8 last month. The round-trip is from Battery Park at the south tip of Manhattan or from Liberty State Park in Jersey City.

The $3 fare for those ages 17 and younger and the $6 fare for senior citizens 62 and older did not change. The National Park Service gave Circle Line-Statue of Liberty Ferry Inc. permission for the 14 percent increase, citing increases in fuel, labor and other operating costs as the reason.

WORK HAZARD. Long hours at the office can wreak havoc on your sex life, according to a survey of 486 British personnel managers and 139 of their partners.

The self-described workaholics, who tended to be male, middle-age and married, admitted that work-related stress often leaves them with no appetite for sex or family when they get home.

Seventy percent of their partners said the workaholics were sometimes too tired to even hold a conversation.

ILL-GOTTEN. Webster's New World College Dictionary says it has "diagnosed" affluenza as the word of the month. While the term does not appear in the reference volume, it amused editors enough to distinguish it as their favorite in March.

Affluenza, a combination of "affluence" and "influenza," is defined as "a malady suffered by some of the nouveau riche who burst on the scene riding the high-flying, high-tech stock market."

Its symptoms include a lack of motivation or the self-discipline to maintain a commitment to anything that requires effort; boredom; and guilt and low self-esteem at having amassed a fortune.

Although the dictionary's honchos are smitten by affluenza today, it's unclear whether the word will make the cut in the next edition.


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