Originally created 03/24/01

Avoid voting debacle at all costs

I take exception to your March 14 editorial titled "Vote fix overkill." In view of the fact that the vote undercount in the state of Georgia for the 2000 general election was percentage-wise even greater than in Florida (information of which I presume you were aware before writing your editorial), how can you maintain that Georgia citizens do not deserve more reliable voting equipment and techniques to prevent disenfranchising targeted voters?

Of course, I understand the political motivation of those who oppose modernization of voting practices throughout the state. The interests of some specific groups and forces are best served by maintaining the status quo with outmoded equipment and techniques, with the concomitant disenfranchisement of as many as 100,000 (or possibly more) Georgia voters.

The program proposed by Georgia Secretary of State Cathy Cox is right on target. In this effort I wish her great success. If, as you suggest, bringing Georgia voting practices into the 20th century (i.e., by applying the most up-to-date currently available technology), I would be pleased to pay my share for a project designed to guarantee that every Georgian's vote would be counted and accurately credited to the candidate for whom he or she voted.

A repeat in Georgia (or any state) of the debacle that occurred in Florida in November and December must be avoided irrespective of the cost.

Leon H. Myer, Augusta


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