Originally created 03/20/01

Teachers, students kicked, bitten, hit

It was with no surprise when my colleagues and I read about the recent events concerning the first grader at Garrett Elementary School. Our only surprise is that some kind of action was finally being taken in order to help the teacher and the other students in the class.

We are teachers and teaching assistants who have lived through much of what was described in the article, and we're sure that teachers in other local elementary schools have experienced many of these things, too.

We have been kicked, punched, scratched and bitten by "problem" children. We have seen innocent students kicked, punched, scratched and bitten by "problem" children. We, along with innocent students, have endured the screaming and cursing of "problem" children who also like to slam doors, make loud noises, bang things, cry and run away.

Sometimes, the "problem" child is a special education student. Many times, though, the "problem" child is a regular education student who doesn't see the need to follow school rules or one who hasn't gone through the Richmond County special education process - a process that takes forever when you feel like a hostage in your own classroom or school.

Whatever the label of the "problem" child, we can tell you that teachers and students all over this county are absolutely tired of having to put their teaching and learning on hold because of out-of-control children.

Mrs. Rhonda White, Augusta


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