Originally created 03/20/01

Opposes privileges for homosexuals

I have read many comments about "gays." Unfortunately, the media tells only half the truth. Although I am a professional engineer, but because of my degrees, I occasionally teach science and engineering at universities and high schools. I am well-connected with faculty and students.

I've lived and worked in seven countries and visited over 80 others. Also I've worked with many government agencies, so I have met many homosexuals, young and old.

One thing I never met was a gay (cheerful) homosexual. Homosexuals' average life span is around 50 years compared to the normal 75 years. Their criminal records are far above the average. I do not know if homosexuality is a sickness or just deviation. I don't know if anybody really knows.

Most of the homosexuals I've met are unhappy, depressed people. I don't know why the media call them "gay." They are homosexuals; if they are ashamed of that, they shouldn't advertise it.

I agree that sex is a private business, but to demand special privileges for homosexuals and promote it is totally wrong.

Bela Vitez, Aiken


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