Originally created 03/20/01

Prefers federal spending to tax cuts

A recent headline read, "House clears tax cut proposal," while Page 3 contained a sobering article, "Engineers give U.S. a D-plus," discussing the nation's hazardous state of highways, bridges, schools and airports.

If President George W. Bush is truly the "education president" why does he not focus more on schools than a populist tax cut just to fulfill a campaign promise. Teachers are paid a salary far below what they should earn. Is a few dollars in tax cuts worth more than insuring that children do not have to attend classes in a room once used as a restroom?

Should a school bus have to go way off its route to avoid unsafe bridges? Our aviation system is just shy of gridlock awaiting a major catastrophe and many water systems and electrical power plants are overburdened by fast-growing population.

Leading economists say our economic outlook is not as bleak as Washington would have us think. Would not budget surpluses, if they are really there, be better spent on improving the infrastructure than on a tax cut? What are the president's priorities?

Dick Donnelly, Martinez


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