Originally created 03/19/01

Opposes cloning of human beings

I recently saw on Channel 12 a scientist discussing the cloning of a human being.

I have read and seen much about cloning. I don't believe in this. I don't think the Lord would approve of it. He is the only creator.

The scientists who are planning to clone must remember that they are bringing a child into this world with all its temptations, trials and heartaches. They don't know how this may alter the mind of this person. If it doesn't have a conscience or emotions it may turn out to be a monster. Do we need more of these in the world?

I have yet to hear one question about where they plan to get a soul for this human, since the Lord is the only one who can supply one.

The scientist said they would go into the cell with a syringe and remove the DNA and replace it with the DNA from the finger of the donor, but does the scientist have a soul in a syringe? No.

They had better stop and rethink this procedure.

Ruby C. McDaniel, Belvedere

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