Originally created 03/11/01

Lists 10-point agenda for Congress

Compassionate conservatism means life doesn't have to be deliberately, vindictively, or categorically unfair. Therefore, I recommend a 10-point agenda for Congress early this session.

* Leave Bill Clinton alone; unless one just arrived from another planet everyone's mind is made up about Mr. Clinton, so let's leave him to the historians and get on with governance.

* Remove the marriage penalty from the income tax.

* Adjust the estate tax for inflation, exempting the first $10 million.

* Triple dependent deductions before reducing the tax rate.

* Allow tax relief for private tuition.

* Balance not only the budget, but also the trust funds.

* Pass Patients' Bill of Rights or patients' protection legislation.

* Approve campaign finance reform.

* Grade schools on the basis of what students have become, not on how they scored on the SAT.

* Keep missile defense in research and development until it's proven that it works.

Tom Zwemer, Augusta


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