Originally created 03/11/01

`Just do right' by Animal Control

Who's in charge? I have long considered the following saying true: "A community's civility is measured directly by the way its members treat the old, small children and animals."

It may not be a long list of potential applicants for running Richmond County Animal Control, but I venture to guess that the county could find someone with a bit of compassion for the people and animals they must encounter.

We all know Animal Control is a people problem, not an animal one. They are the innocent victims of their owners and in past experience it was considered standard policy that if someone was treating their animal inhumanely, the agency also worked closely with Children and Family Services to ensure children in that residence weren't being abused like the pet.

Someone concerned about the way the taxpayers are being represented at animal control and the way business is being done there has waved a red flag. County residents should be outraged. Put the pressure on and get changes made. As someone outside the county, I know many who are watching and hoping someone will "just do the right thing."

Pat Roach, Martinez

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