Originally created 03/01/01

Teen: Confederacy was dishonorable

James Powell of Evans (letter, Feb. 8) wrote that changing the Georgia flag to satisfy African-Americans is a shame. Not only were blacks perturbed about the flag, but so were people of all races, including whites.

As a 14-year-old Asian girl, I am one of those people. The flag was created to honor the Confederate soldiers of the Civil War. These men do not deserve to be honored for fighting for something that is so wrong and cruel. Although the war started due to economic and political differences, slavery also played a large role in dividing the North and South.

Many people say the flag is part of our history and should remain flying. Many things are part of our history that we do not put on flags. We do not have a picture of Native Americans taken out of their homes and forced to walk the Trail of Tears. We do not have a picture of Japanese-Americans forced into camps to live during World War II.

The Confederate flag might as well have a picture of black slaves being whipped; in the eyes of many, that is what they see.

Shivani Gupta, Evans


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