Originally created 03/01/01

Finds Animal Control outrageous

I read in the Feb. 21, Chronicle where a woman arrived home to find Richmond County Animal Control trying to catch her dog, which had slipped its chain.

The woman caught the dog and then was threatened with a $1,000 fine if she didn't hand over the dog. Animal Control drove off and immediately put the dog and her puppies down.

I visit my mom in Augusta and drive the Bobby Jones Expressway to do a little shopping. I am running five mph over the posted speed limit and am being passed as if I am standing still. I have yet to see any police presence on Bobby Jones.

What's wrong with this picture? Something is very askew and upside down in Augusta. No enforcement of or fines for obvious dangerous behavior. Yet, a $1,000 fine for a dog running loose? If it had been my pet they would have had to lock me up.

The director and animal control agent should be fired. They took this lady's property and then destroyed it for spite. Then laughed about it later. I have no sympathy for them.

I am outraged.

Mike Druckenmiller Sr., Williston


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