Originally created 02/28/01

Gore loses again

The Democrats still say the count is wrong and Republicans are stunned that their man won yet another Florida recount - this time a media-sponsored review of the four largely Democratic counties Al Gore sought to have hand-counted until the U.S. Supreme Court finally ended the post-election nonsense 35 days after the polls closed.

The Gore campaign was sure it would pick up at least 1,000 votes in Miami-Dade County, particularly if the count was done under conditions they sought - the most lenient method of interpreting voter intent on the "under-voted" punch-card ballots.

But even under those generous guidelines, Gore only added 49 votes and coupled with recounts in the other three counties he challenged, he still came up 140 votes short. Under the more stringent rules Republicans preferred - excluding pregnant and dimpled ballots - George W. Bush added 60 votes to his officially certified 930-vote victory margin.

The discrepancy just goes to show how meaningless subjective, mind-reading recounts are. Even so, a second media consortium is recounting the entire state, both under-votes (ballots the machine didn't count) and over-votes (ballots indicating a preference for two candidates).

Democrats say they'll win that recount, even though Gore never asked for it. Also, over-votes are never included in manual recounts in Florida or any state. The liberal media just can't let go. It seems they'll keep counting until they get the result they want - a Gore victory.


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