Originally created 02/24/01

Christianity attacked

The Brooklyn Museum of Art is up to its old tricks again, displaying obscene, blasphemous "art" to attack traditional Christianity. This year it's "Yo Mama's Last Summer," a color photograph that portrays Jesus at the Last Supper as a nude black woman with her arms outstretched, surrounded by the disciples, only one of whom is white - Judas Iscariot.

The so-called artist, Renee Fox, who posed as the "naked Jesus," is a notorious Catholic hater who, The New York Post reports, admits the image is to put down Catholics.

There you have it: Art as pure anti-Christian, anti-Catholic bigotry. Where's the outrage? No nationally prestigious museum would tolerate anti-black or anti-Semitic "art," even if it weren't publicly funded.

And that's what has Christians and even some non-Christians upset. No one objects to an artist's right to put their bad, hateful work on public display, but they shouldn't get taxpayer money to do it.

The Brooklyn Museum of Art is funded, in part, by New York and federal taxpayers via the National Endowment for the Arts. Thus, Christians are compelled by the government, via the NEA, to contribute to anti-Christian hate.

Now that should provoke outrage. It makes the case again why the government should not be funding art. Make the Renee Foxes of the world raise their own money to show off their trashy art.

This is not the first time the Brooklyn museum has drawn attention attacking Christians. Two years ago it was at the center of another tasteless controversy - a "painting" of the Virgin Mary splattered with elephant dung. Mayor Rudolph Giuliani tried to cut off the museum's taxpayer funds then, but the courts wouldn't let him.

It's a cruel irony that many of the same people who cite the First Amendment in defense of Christian-bashing art would be the first to ban a traditional depiction of the Last Supper at a taxpayer-supported museum on grounds it violates the separation of church-state doctrine.


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