Originally created 02/24/01

Whisk them away

Why in the blazes would Augusta Mayor Bob Young proclaim today "Nuwaubian Black History Month Parade Day"? There are ways to promote the rich history of African-Americans in our society, but does the mayor know the history of this bizarre sect? Does he not realize local police and the Georgia Bureau of Investigation are particularly concerned about the criminal background of all too many of its members based in rural Eatonton, Ga.?

Officially called the United Nuwaubian Nation of Moors, the sect is led by Malachi York - who insists he is an incarnated being from another galaxy. In fact, the order's publications and web site say that, one of these days, a chosen 144,000 will be whisked away via spaceship to experience a rebirth.

Does the mayor automatically proclaim a special day for any zany organization or person? Clearly he needs to review who he is praising and encouraging to come to our city for a parade. But who knows - maybe today will be the day the Nuwaubians will be whisked away.


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