Originally created 02/24/01

Council votes to move college's fall break

University of Georgia students who want to take a long weekend for the football game against the University of Florida are going to have to cut class.

The school's University Council voted overwhelmingly Thursday to move the annual fall break away from the football game in fall 2002. The schedule for this fall is already set and includes a fall break before the game.

The move was roundly opposed by student members of the council and at least one member of the University of Georgia music faculty, David Schiller. Mr. Schiller noted that most music majors have to travel to Jacksonville, Fla., for the game because they are members of the Georgia Redcoat Band, which performs at halftime.If the fall break were set in tune with the game, those students wouldn't have to miss class, he said.

The council tied the two-day break to the big game two years ago - in large part because many students missed class anyway to make the long drive to Jacksonville. It was also justified as a safety measure, but there is no data to say whether it's safer, according to Rick Rose, the university's assistant vice president for student affairs.

The faculty council was more swayed by the arguments of David Williams, chairman of the student body's academic affairs committee. Gearing the fall break to the football game would mean giving the students Thursday and Friday off - which makes two times during the fall semester that classes scheduled on those days must be canceled. Students also get to miss those classes during the Thanksgiving break.

Instead, Mr. Williams urged on behalf of his committee, the fall break should be on a Monday and a Tuesday so that a different set of classes would be affected.

The council was given three choices for a new set of break dates for fall 2002: the Monday and Tuesday before Thanksgiving, which would give students a week off near the end of the semester; Oct. 14 and 15, which is the midpoint of the fall term but is two days after homecoming; and Oct. 21 and 22. The council rejected the first two suggestions, and adopted the Oct. 21 and 22 dates by a 65-43 vote.


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