Originally created 02/23/01

New flag represents all Georgians

Some of the comments in The Chronicle's Rants and Raves and letters to the editor about the changing of the Georgia state flag have been very disturbing. To think that both sides can't agree on a compromise that would settle this issue is beyond me.

While I do think that the new flag is a bit plain, it is a flag that represents all Georgians. There is a wise saying that says "You have to know where you come from to know where you're going." If this is true, the current flag is a testament to that belief.

I think Gov. Roy Barnes should be applauded for tackling the issue and finally resolving it. And some of the other comments about Black History Month and the Miss Black USA contest made me realize that some people are walking through life with blinders on.

One reader even has the audacity to ask, "Why isn't there a White History Month?" Whoever asked that question couldn't have finished high school, because if they had they would know that "white history" is the only history taught. Hence the need for Black History Month.

I would like to make a proposition to whoever asked that question. If that person can find a way to include all of the achievements of all Americans, regardless of race, into the history books then we will abolish Black History Month.

Williams Sanders, Augusta


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