Originally created 02/23/01

Intrusive cell phones buzz at funerals

Over the past few years, cell phone usage in public places has gotten more and more out of hand. You can't seem to dine in a public restaurant without someone's cell phone ringing while you're trying to enjoy a meal. You can't even walk through the mall or go to the grocery store without seeing someone with a cell phone stuck to their ear while shopping.

Just when I thought I had seen or heard it all, while attending a friend's mother's funeral a few weeks back, a cell phone rang during the service. Cell phone respect hit an all-time low with me that day.

To make matters worse, last week at a funeral for a dear friend, a woman sitting behind me had her cell phone ring. I cringed as she quickly put a stop to the ring, thank goodness. However, a few minutes later her phone began to ring again, only this time she seemed to ignore it until the fifth or sixth ring before she finally turned it off.

Are people's lives so important that a little cell phone becomes a life support for them? I don't think so.

Give everyone around you in public places some respect and turn the cell phones off or leave them in the car. If not for the living, then at least for the deceased.

Jeff Badke, Hephzibah


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