Originally created 02/23/01

W. Augusta could secede from county

I ignored the advice of The Chronicle regarding Augusta-Richmond County consolidation and voted against that 1995 initiative.

Being correct gives me no consolation, but neither am I surprised by the current city-county state of affairs. County consolidation with a corrupt and bankrupt city government was like inviting Typhoid Mary into the front parlor - should we now be shocked that we are all infected?

With the election of Bob Young to be mayor there seemed to be some hope for mature local government, but our block-headed commissioners have prevailed with a resultant decay in competence. What now do residents and taxpayers do to correct this situation?

The obvious solution is to vote the buffoons out, but that requires a mature and honest electorate. A second option that's long and laborious, but possibly more obtainable, is to look to surrounding counties to annex contiguous parts of Richmond County that match demographics, income levels and electoral characteristics.

Certainly west Richmond County provides that symmetry with Columbia County. Secession is a time honored Southern tradition, so just think on it.

Gene L. Meder, Augusta


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