Originally created 02/23/01

Recommends `halter' to control dogs

Regarding Marlene Stachowiak's Feb. 12 letter on stretch leashes, she is correct: Dog owners have a responsibility to train their dogs so they are well-behaved while on leash. For those with limited time and finances, I recommend a collar that works with a dog the same way a horse's halter works.

If the dog tries to run, its head is pulled downward or to the side, prohibiting it from getting out of control. My dogs have learned to walk on this collar and I will never be pulled around by them again. Like a horse's halter, the dog is able to breathe, pant, eat and drink with the collar on so it is not a muzzle.

These can be obtained inexpensively at most pet stores and they will work wonders. You will be much happier, as will your dog and those who share trails with you.

Elizabeth Braun, Augusta


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