Originally created 02/23/01

Applauds grand jury's criticisms

I want to thank members of Augusta's special grand jury for telling the truth about the problems of our local government.

I couldn't care less about the racial makeup of local government. I do care about the way government is run.

When tax bills are mailed late, and there is trouble getting car tags, fighting over Christmas bonuses, railing against our city attorney in commission meetings, causing many department heads to quit, spending large amounts of money on reports that are not used, is that about race? No. It's about people not knowing how to do their jobs.

Our city has not grown in the last 10 years, yet the cost of city government has grown 10 times. As a Richmond county taxpayer, I want better government for the money I pay.

Let's get government back on track; do your jobs, commissioners.

Ronald Swank, Blythe


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