Originally created 02/22/01

NAACP ignores serious issues

I read that the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People is putting the heat on South Carolina. The NAACP is not doing what it was organized to do: Create peace and unity between all races. There are far more important economic issues that need to be addressed other than the state flag...

About our new state flag in Georgia: I don't mind changing it so much, but I do have a problem with two things: One is that the NAACP whined and complained about the stars and bars being on the flag. What in the world is at the bottom of our new flag? A smaller version of the stars and bars. Real smart...

We need to get that sorry, conniving Sen. Charles Walker, D-Augusta, out of office. He's the main conspirator in this whole hogwash.

Steve Simmons, Augusta


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