Originally created 02/21/01

Senator disappoints fellow Democrat

As a lifelong Democrat, I am sorely disappointed in my state Sen. Don Cheeks, D-Augusta. He's sponsoring legislation to ease state regulations governing outdoor advertising billboards and using his position as vice-chairman of the Senate Transportation Committee to ram this bill through.

He does this in spite of the fact that he has financial interests in this industry. Fellow Democrats in the Senate are also blaming him for attempting to kill a bill that would outlaw lending practices that fly-by-night lending companies use to take advantage of low-income people.

On the issue of the flag, Sen. Cheeks ignored the opinions of his sizable enlightened constituency of both blacks and whites. He did so without even seeking our opinions. And, oh yes, don't bother trying to express your opinions to him. If you are not either someone who agrees with him or who belongs to one of his special interest groups, he will not acknowledge you. That, at least, has been my experience.

Gregory R. Davis, Augusta


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