Originally created 02/21/01

Unconvinced slavery was war issue

Regarding the Feb. 11 letter by George Tate:

Mr. Tate is another thin-skinned, know-nothing who only writes and speaks what he has either heard or has been preached in the Northern liberal history books of the last 100 years. If states' rights was not the main reason Southern states legally seceded, then why did the 92 percent of the soldiers who fought for the South never own slaves?

The right to secede from the Union was not a "Southern idea," but had already been considered by the North many times in the past history of the United States.

Why did 10,000 Yankee soldiers throw down their weapons when Abraham Lincoln issued his so-called Emancipation Proclamation? The answer is that they were not fighting to free slaves, but to preserve the Union.

Mr. Tate is right about one thing: You do not have to have a degree in economics to know the truth about what happened during and before the War For Southern Independence, but you do need to know the true history before you go around stating things that are not the real truth.

Stan Weaver, North Augusta

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