Originally created 02/21/01

New minority: white Southerners

Regarding Kristie Johnson's Feb. 14 letter: I can imagine and I sympathize. My ancestors were brought to the "New World" under the same circumstances - they were indentured servants back in the "Old Country." Where we part ways is mine happened to be from Scotland.

I can't speak for Ms. Johnson but, as pretty as Scotland is, I'm very glad to have been their descendant and born in a country that gives me a chance to be anything I want to be as long as I work hard.

She alluded to the fact that her ancestors were brought to America under the Confederate battle flag; by the way, the battle flag is not the stars and bars.

In school I was taught that for over 80 years, before "The War of Northern Aggression," slave ships from Africa sailed under the American flag. All ships landed in Northern ports where the slaves were auctioned to Northern brokers. From there they made it to the South.

It now appears that I have become the newest minority - a white Southerner. No one will fight for my rights to have a heritage and symbols that are dear to me. They think that because I'm a white Southerner and want my history that I'm also a racist.

I'm not out there demanding that particular groups of people remove all vestiges of their past from public view, and I'm not demanding that special months be set aside for the teaching of a small segment of the total story of history. Why is it that they can have their heritage, but I can't have mine?

Walker B. McWee, Augusta

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