Originally created 02/20/01

South's heritage being destroyed

Changing the Georgia state flag was the wrong thing to do. A few have spoken, supposedly for the majority. But it's probably just to keep financial support rolling into their coffers.

Changes have already been made. Have you been to Stone Mountain lately? Push the button, hear the story. What a watered down lie. No mention is even made of the Southern heroes who are carved on the mountain. There is no Confederate battle flag flying and Dixie is not allowed to be played.

And this is supposed to be a Southern heritage site? There are as many lies there as there are during Black History Month. How much longer are real Southerners going to let these cowardly, gutless politicians and racist groups destroy our heritage? When election time comes, let's vote these scoundrels out of office.

Black support groups are the racists in this country. They have the NAACP and other black organizations, but if whites try to have their own organizations, they're racist. Blacks and whites will never come together because of the color green ($).

Jim Chandler, Evans


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