Originally created 02/20/01

Bush tax cut is long overdue

After 10 years of oppressive taxation and four years of record budget surpluses, American taxpayers are long-overdue for a real, pocket enhancing tax break. The Congressional Budget Office keeps re-estimating the surplus higher; last report puts it at $5.6 trillion over 10 years.

The total tax cut offered by President George W. Bush would reduce the budget surplus by $1.6 trillion, which is only about a 24 percent reduction, a modest amount for the overtaxed American family.

With the dark cloud of recession looming over the nation, a tax-cut is more needed than ever to cushion the negative impact on the economy. We need to realize that this is money earned by families hard pressed to make ends meet, even though most of them have two incomes. Researchers are only beginning to tally the deadly toll of the stress on families where both parents have to work to provide for themselves.

We keep hearing the tired, worn out rhetoric about tax-cuts that favor the "rich." Apparently the class-envy propagandists think a two-income family making $50,000 a year is rich, even though they may be mired in debt trying to pay all their tax bills.

"Rich" is anyone making more than what a welfare mom might get for not doing anything. They speak of "the rich" as if they are in a conspiracy to oppress the poor, when it is their capital that provides the jobs that gets "the poor" started on climbing the economic ladder.

This kind of rhetoric depends on Marxian philosophy for its moral force, which of course is the basis for communism - philosophy that's been discredited for at least 10 years ... Class-envy promotes division and strife, based on the lie that the people on the lower economic rungs have no hope of raising their lifestyles. America was built on the dream of rising above one's impoverished circumstances with hard-work and a good education ...

Bill Thompson, Augusta


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