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Weight gain doesn't faze diet participant

Gaining 4 pounds doesn't bother Sabrina Sanchez too much.

"Just like a body needs two legs to stand on, so does a healthy lifestyle," she said. "And I've been standing on one. I've been eating right but not exercising."

Mrs. Sanchez weighed in at 166 pounds at University Health Care System Nutrition Center on Thursday. That is 4 pounds more than she weighed in our January update.

"I don't like it, but I'm not bent way out of shape," she said. "Things have to remain in perspective."

For example, Thursday morning Mrs. Sanchez planned to spend some time exercising. Then her son's school called to ask her to volunteer that day. Suddenly, she had to choose: exercise or volunteer.

But for Mrs. Sanchez the choice was a no-brainer. She spent the day at her son's school.

"He really likes it when I'm there," she said. "So it's important to me. For me, my priorities are God and family."

That is not to say that Mrs. Sanchez doesn't value her healthier lifestyle. She still sticks to her 1,200-1,500 daily caloric intake and tries work out about three times a week. But when something has to give, it is usually her workouts.

Her goal weight is 150. Although she said she would be happy to stay in the 150-160 range.

"I don't want to get any higher than that though," she said.

And she doesn't lose sight of how far she has come in the past 11 months.

Mrs. Sanchez began working with University Health Care Nutrition Center in March. She weighed 201 when she started.

In August, Mrs. Sanchez graduated to the maintenance level in her program. Since then, she has monitored her own progress and occasionally attends support-group meetings. She is responsible for her own weigh-ins and doesn't check in with a nutritionist regularly, as she did in the beginning of her program. Soon she'll be completely on her own.

The Sanchez family is preparing to move to Detroit in April.

The Chronicle will present its final follow-up with Mrs. Sanchez in March - the one-year anniversary of her participation in the Weight Loss 2000 project.

About this series

The Augusta Chronicle is following three people who volunteered to go public with their battle of the bulge by participating in a weight-loss program. We offer an update on a participant's progress every Tuesday.

Today is our 12th follow-up with Sabrina Sanchez, 41, a stay-at-home mother. Her beginning weight was 201 pounds. Her current weight is 166 pounds. She is working with University Health Care System Nutrition Center.

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