Originally created 02/19/01

Rag of a newspaper helps make Augusta second rate

Over the past several weeks I have watched with interest as the second page of the editorial section was gradually eaten up by advertising.

First, about one third of the page, then half, and, on Feb. 12, the entire second page of opinion disappeared. This is very unfortunate as I've always found the letters and columns most entertaining, regardless of the dunderheads and radical conservatives usually featured there.

Although disappointed, I was not surprised by the disappearance of this page any more than I would be surprised by the usual lack of news I find here. Anyone relying on The Chronicle for information is sure to be seriously under informed. There is more news in one edition of the daily paper out of Atlanta than can be gleaned from a week's worth of The Chronicle.

Indeed, there are any number of reasons why Augusta is regarded as a second-rate burg, and this rag of a newspaper is high on the list.

Wesley Ross, Augusta


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