Originally created 02/19/01

Ga. flag editorial perceived as jest

I must take issue with your Feb. 1 editorial, "Showing courage." A better title would be "Showing the white feather." I was not bitterly disappointed about the legislature's action, but I was saddened the lawmakers allowed themselves to be browbeaten.

Quoting now from the editorial, "There is no reason not to believe their (Rep. Tyrone Brooks, D-Atlanta, Senate Majority Leader Charles Walker, D-Augusta, et al) promise that they won't try to parlay the flag change into an anti-Confederate memorial jihad."

Surely you jest. Blackmailers are notoriously reluctant to abandon a victim whose vulnerability has once been established.

As to Georgia becoming a pariah state, aren't you engaging in a bit of hyperbole? I find it hard to imagine people of Ireland, Russia, Great Britain, Israel, etc., losing much sleep over the design of Georgia's state flag.

Please cite us some statistics that show changing the flag preserves jobs. I seem to recall reading in your newspaper that there was a considerable increase in business during the "boycott" of South Carolina.

Georgians should be embarrassed by the design that was chosen. Like the proverbial camel, it appears to have been designed by a committee which, indeed, it was. It promises much but gives nothing. Courageous? Hardly.

William R. Collier, Augusta


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