Originally created 02/19/01

Slams Klan mentality in Augusta

Boy am I glad the Klan is alive and well in Augusta. What with all of those card-carrying Communist media people running around, I was sure this country was doomed.

Obviously concerned folks like Tom Hunter (letter, Feb. 3) have it right when they say that the liberal media have taken away all our rights. After all, without the liberal media in the way, we could still drag black people to death in Texas and tie up those nasty homosexuals to fences and nobody would say one single thing. Whew.

Maybe one day we'll get those freedoms back, plus so much more. Oh, by the way, I wonder if Mr. Hunter ever wonders why Americans, in the time frame he was telling us about, so studiously opposed the war in the first place?

Well, perhaps it had to do with the fact that America was in a depression and thought we could not afford a war. Or maybe it was the vivid memory of just 20 years earlier when American soldiers were gassed to death on the killing fields of - where else - Germany.

No, one doesn't have to wonder about the future of freedom in this country because we have it handed to us every day by folks like him.

Samuel Snyder, Augusta


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