Originally created 02/14/01

Is Walker paper's poster child?

Has The Chronicle adopted state Sen. Charles Walker, D-Augusta, as its poster child?

I am tired of seeing his smirking countenance prominently displayed in virtually every issue of your paper for the last week or more.

Sen. Walker's latest service to his constituency and state was to participate in, if not spearhead, a vast, secret conspiracy to rob the people of Georgia of their constitutional right to determine the symbols to be displayed as representing them, their values and their culture.

The new state flag, which is being so grandly touted, must have been the result of a nightmare someone had.

Perhaps we should next change the state bird to either the crow or the vulture ... they more accurately represent the now enlightened populace of this state.

In the meantime, please take that sickening photograph of Sen. Walker and put it in your morgue. Stop insulting the vast majority of your readers by force-feeding his image to us on a daily basis.

William M. Wheeler, Thomson


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