Originally created 02/14/01

Bus driver finds critic offensive

As a Richmond County bus driver I take offense at Kathleen Barratta's Feb. 1 letter.

As stated in her letter I am not a vengeful adult driving her "angel" to and from school, rain or shine. The buses are very cold in the morning and I don't believe anyone would turn off the heat for punishment or spite. Why turn off the heat and punish myself?

At most schools, buses have the right of way so you may be pulling out in front of me. I was taught to gently ease off the brake and roll slowly away from a stop where more than one child has boarded.

Lastly, I do not pick on any children. If I write a child up, it's usually a last resort. I try to keep the lines of communication open between myself, the school and the parents.

Although there may be a few bad apples, I take pride in the service I provide to my community. I care for my precious cargo. Remember, it's a privilege to ride the school bus, not a right.

Mary Heaton, Augusta


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