Originally created 02/13/01

This news nearly boiled his blood

Some news lately nearly brings my blood to a boil.

To see Sen. Ted Kennedy, D-Mass. looking down his nose at U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft is enough to make a skunk smell good. Mr. Ashcroft has more honor in his little toe than Sen. Kennedy has in his bloated body. Then there was Sen. Joe Biden, D-Md., the dude who years ago was in trouble as a plagiarist. Such brass.

I had to laugh, however, when it was announced that Rev. Jesse Jackson had an illegitimate child. You remember when President Bill Clinton was caught in his dalliance he went to Mr. Jackson for spiritual guidance. ...

Regarding changing of the Georgia state flag: The editorial of Jan. 30 stated the flag "offended many other Americans who want to reside or do business here." Well, I don't believe many were "offended" because Georgia's population has grown enough to add two U.S. House members.

Sen. Charles Walker, D-Augusta, said removing the Confederate part of the flag would "bring us together." Let's watch the Augusta commissioners and see if Sen. Walker spoke the truth.

I understand that Gov. Roy Barnes said that Jesus would have voted "yes" on the flag issue. I didn't know the "Guv" had a hot line to heaven.

James V. Parker, North Augusta


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