Originally created 02/13/01

New editorial editor displeases him

As a lifelong resident of the Central Savannah River Area, I have grown up with The Chronicle. Indeed, one of my first jobs was as a carrier for the old Herald.

The Chronicle has always been a conservative beacon in the night. But let me say that the move to Suzanne Downing as editorial page editor has been a disaster for the area. Since taking charge, she has killed the David Sisler column and bashed the CSRA's best afternoon radio person, Austin Rhodes.

While the moves by Ms. Downing have moved the paper to the middle in a political sense, it has turned its back on the backbone that has built this great area.

My hope and prayer is that publisher Billy Morris will right the wrongs done lately and put the paper back on the right road. The saying is that if you do not stand for something, you will fall for anything. Enter Suzanne Downing.

David C. Herring, Aiken


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