Originally created 02/13/01

Declares Georgia flag change unjust

As a Georgia resident, I feel that the decision to change the Georgia state flag was unjust. Why is it that anything pertaining to white Southern heritage has to be done away with to please a few people in the black community?

The Confederate battle emblem that was on the flag was not meant as a symbol of hate, just heritage, one that I am proud of. The emblem means as much to the white community as Martin Luther King Jr. does to the black community.

I do not see white people out petitioning our lawmakers to do away with black history so why is it fair for the black race to have our history removed? The entire month of February is devoted to black history. Is there one of the 11 remaining months that we can expect to be devoted to white history? I think not.

The spineless lawmakers who jumped on the bandwagon to vote to change the flag to please the black community have sealed the fate of a piece of history that meant a lot to many Georgians - both black and white. I hope they are proud of themselves because I'm not. In fact, I am ashamed of our elected officials who allowed this to happen.

This issue should have been decided by Georgia voters. But then again if the people of Georgia spoke and the flag wasn't changed, what then?

A. Boettcher, Hephzibah

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