Originally created 02/11/01

New president off to a poor start

So our leader has his team in place. He must be a golfer seeing the mass of mulligans he's given to the graybeards and retreads from yesterday's world of the Ford, Reagan, and Daddy Bush administrations. Let's hope they get it right this time.

No more mini-wars against drug lords who were on the CIA payrolls. No more tripling the national debt to feed the non-growth industries. No more unbalancing the Clinton balanced budget. No more diverting funds to ragtag insurgents.

His Cabinet choices of John Ashcroft and Gayle Norton show he hasn't gotten off to a very promising start with his "healing" and "bringing the nation together" rhetoric, not to mention school vouchers and his movement toward creating a national theocracy.

I wish President George W. Bush well, as should all Democrats. Next time, however, we'll oversee the ballot counting during the fact, not after it - especially when the governor is a Republican, family member or both.

Walter S. Williams, Augusta


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