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Bottleneck aggravates those in entryway

Dear Carson: Why is it that when entering a lecture hall or ballroom some people come to a stop just inside the entryway, blocking others who are trying to enter the room and forcing the crowd to back up outside the door? - Hates Holdups

Dear HH: I think such people are oblivious to the problem they cause when they stop upon entering a public room. They seem to be overawed or taking stock of the situation. Perhaps they are looking for people they know or just admiring the decorations. However, if any of you readers are among the guilty, I hope this letter will alert you to the annoyance you are causing.

Dear Carson: I've been meaning to purchase personal stationery for years. Can you advise me, a single man, what standard pieces I need to have, i.e. letterhead, message cards, as well as recommendations on style, font, ink and paper color. The more traditional, the better. - Stationery Styles

Dear Stationery: A man's stationery should fill both his business and social needs. Business stationery should have his business letterhead with company position and address. The address may be at the top or bottom of the page. His personal stationery should have his name or initials at the top and should be slightly smaller.

I recommend note cards and fold-over stationery as well. These can be used for thank-you notes, messages of sympathy or responses to invitations.

The stationery should be cream, gray or beige. Select a blocklike font and either black or dark-blue ink.

Business cards also should follow these stipulations. Social calling cards should be either white or off-white with black ink and should have your full name engraved on them, but not your address.

Dear Carson: The usual placement of cutlery seems reasonable - salad fork outside dinner fork, for example, when the salad fork is used first. My husband and I, however, serve salad after the entree, in the French tradition. In this case, should the salad fork be placed inside the dinner fork, nearer the plate? Thanks for your help. - Salad After

Dear Salad: Utensils are properly set in order of use from the outside in. Therefore, you are correct, when having salad after the main course, to place your dinner fork outside your salad fork.

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