Originally created 02/03/01

Leftist media destroy freedoms

On Jan. 24 I watched a Public Broadcasting System TV show, Finest Hour: The Battle of Britain, about how Winston Churchill stood up to a German dictator while America cowered in the corner and refused to help early in the war.

Wanting to see the second part of how close to annihilation the free world came in World War II during the 1940s, I checked the TV listings for the start of the next night's show.

Looking in the next time slot, to see where the coward America was 60 years later in 2001, with no British prime minister to give it some backbone, it was chilling to read the 10 p.m. offering on public television: Frontline: The Assault on Gay America - an examination of the increased violence against gays."

Here's what the mainstream, super-liberal (Communist) media are doing: protecting fellow comrade Bill Clinton; attacking Republican and military advocate President George W. Bush; and paving the way to the presidency for Sen. Hillary Clinton, D-N.Y. One doesn't have to wonder about the future of freedom.

Just turn on television.

Tom Hunter, Augusta


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