Originally created 02/03/01

Rips drivers who endanger kids

I am amazed at the stupidity of people who still allow their children to sit in the laps of passengers of moving vehicles, or even worse, climb all over the car, hang out of the window and goodness knows what else.

Do they realize what can happen to that child in the event of a collision?

Besides the fact that they could be fined very heavily, it wouldn't take much to crush the children in between themselves and the dashboard or even send them through the windshield.

I recently mentioned the subject to an acquaintance, hoping she would pick up on the hint, but oblivious as ever, her reply was "Oh, we aren't going very far, they will be fine."

You think? What is it going to take to make people understand? An accident? A tiny coffin? Buckle them up.

Lynn Langston, North Augusta

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