Originally created 02/03/01

Miami-Dade vote count for Bush ignored by television

Here are a few questions for Democratic liberals: Why did the recount of 10,600 previously (manually) uncounted ballots from Miami-Dade County that showed an increase of six votes for George W. Bush not get network TV and cable news attention? Weren't they desperate to get them all counted? I certainly can't understand why this fact was relegated to a second page paragraph instead of the front page.

Was the record cold we suffered in November and December a sign that global warming is over since Al Gore lost the election?

Has eight years of lawlessness by Janet Reno, Bill and Hillary Clinton and Mr. Gore reduced the Democratic senators to trying to slander a man of integrity in John Ashcroft?

Maybe they are just afraid that a man of truth in this position will expose the recent atrocities of the Justice Department during the Clinton administration. Doesn't everyone realize by now that the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People does not want racial harmony? Anything other than friction and distrust between the races and the money will dry up.

David Moncus, Waynesboro


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