Originally created 01/27/01

Clinton vandals strike

While President Clinton spent his last hours in the White House frantically issuing pardons and loading up moving vans with tens of thousands of dollars worth of furniture, golf clubs and other so-called gifts the Clintons claim were given to them by friends (read campaign contributors), the arrogant, spoiled brats he brought with him into the administration eight years ago were busy proving they hadn't matured one whit in the interim.

At first came reports that George W. Bush appointees were finding that the "W" key on many government computers and typewriters had been taped over, glued stuck, x'd-out, or removed. Basically, childish pranks.

But subsequent reports make it clear the brats went beyond pranks, into vandalism: cut and misdirected phone lines; sabotaged fax machines; graffiti; obscene phone messages; pornographic pictures left in sensitive places; and computer viruses.

Damaging public property is not only sophomoric - it's a crime. In this case, a federal crime. It boggles the mind to realize these juvenile delinquents, most working in the Old Executive Office Building, were writing and enforcing rules and regulations that impacted the lives of every American.

Yet President Bush, in the spirit of healing wounds and uniting the nation, says he won't press charges. What a shame. We hope he's not always that soft on crime.

In disrespecting public property, the delinquents were following their boss' example. After looting the White House of everything they could possibly get away with, the Clintons then proceeded to strip Air Force One on their final trip back to New York from Washington - blankets, pillows, plates and silverware are all gone.

Americans are finally coming to realize the full dimension of the no-class people running the government for the past eight years.


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