Originally created 01/27/01

Augustans would miss fleet manager

The Augusta-Richmond County government continues on a downward spiral of "letting the good ones get away" with the threat of the resignation of city fleet manager Harry Siddall.

Mr. Siddall would be greatly missed by city officials, but more importantly and financially, by city taxpayers. He oversees purchasing decisions of his department fairly and equitably. All who deal with him quickly learn that he plays no favorites among his vendors, but makes it clear he expects "good products at fair prices."

Mr. Siddall has vast knowledge concerning the items he reviews for purchase and he takes the time to study and research other choices proven to be better and less costly. He is not swayed by simply buying only from the "same manufacturer we have always used," but works fairly to keep bidders honest and does not write specifications for items that would purposely omit the majority of competitors from a bid, giving one manufacturer or supplier an advantage.

Every supplier knows that if you want to do business with Mr. Siddall, you simply have to offer the best item for the best price and then back it up with the best service.

Rick Rogers, Augusta


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