Originally created 01/27/01

Laments loss of Sisler's column

I have been reading and bookmarking David Sisler's column for several years. Now that you have canceled him, there will be a big hole on Saturday's editorial page - one I doubt you will easily fill (hopefully Barry Paschal will find space for him on the pages of your sister paper).

With Mr. Sisler's uncompromising position on abortion, capital punishment, homosexual behavior, the infallibility of scripture, Jesus Christ as the only way of salvation, and other topics, he evidently stepped on one toe too many.

Editorial page editor Susanne Downing showed her opinion of Mr. Sisler's work with her off-hand response to a "Rant and Rave" giving his Web address to his fans and noting that more dim-bulbed letters to the editor will fill space where his challenging columns once brightened many Saturdays.

I wish I had a subscription to the Augusta Chronicle so I could cancel it in protest of Mr. Sisler's firing.

Justen Wonderly, Evans


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