Originally created 01/26/01

Slams both Rhodes and 'The Chronicle'

It's rare when I agree with Chronicle editorials. But I couldn't agree more with your editorial on Austin Rhodes as a radio blowhard.

But how can you criticize WGAC's editorial supervision. It's like the kettle calling the pot black. At The Chronicle, you have among you a cartoonist and Phil Kent running amok without any editorial supervision or decency.

Mr. Kent calls himself a journalist. Journalist he is not. He fits the bill not as a conservative ideologue, but a fanatic.

Here is an interesting statistic: I gather that The Chronicle's circulation in Richmond County is about four times that in Columbia County. Coincidentally, Richmond County voted for Democrats about four times more in the last election as compared to Columbia County.

Have you considered that maybe most of your subscribers get upset with your opinion page and vote for Democrats? If true, please try to increase your circulation in Columbia County.

Giri S. Venkatraman, Evans


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