Originally created 01/26/01

Rhodes falls behind curve on CSRA

Regarding Austin Rhodes, the talk-show clown and part-time resident: Wednesday's editorial about Austin Rhodes the part-time Augusta resident radio blowhard hit the nail right on the head. I listen to Mr. Rhodes just to hear what he is going to screw up next.

I, too, listened to him last Thursday as he talked ... with total disregard to anything he was saying. On Friday, after 10 minutes of his rants about Richmond County Sheriff Ronnie Strength and the other local media, I sent him an e-mail.

He was ranting about the local media camped out at the Law Enforcement Center and putting the David Holt case in jeopardy. I pointed out in my e-mail that Harley Drew had said on the Morning Show Jan. 18 for everyone to be sure to listen to Mr. Rhodes' show Thursday afternoon because a big announcement was coming down and Austin would have all the details.

Mr. Rhodes was the one that inadvertently alerted the local media. I sent the e-mail at 3:25 p.m At 3:40 p.m. he addressed my e-mail on the air and claimed that he had no prior knowledge that it was the David Holt case. He then turned back to Sheriff Strength saying the sheriff would not talk to him ... What did he think Sheriff Strength should do, drop everything to talk to him?

Ever since Mr. Rhodes became a part-time resident his show has gone downhill. Because he lives part-time in the Atlanta area he does not really keep informed of all the happenings in the CSRA...

If WGAC wants the show to be a local issue-oriented format, maybe they need to look for a person who is up on the local issues. If all they want is ratings for bigger advertising dollars, then Mr. Rhodes is their clown.

Randy Moore, Augusta


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