Originally created 01/26/01

Clinton haters fail; he's great man

Millions of words have been written in The Chronicle about former President Bill Clinton, nearly all of them filled with hate.

I imagine most letter writers fancy themselves Christians, even though their uncharitable letters prove otherwise.

It is perfectly possible to oppose someone politically without stooping to such constant name calling.

As president, Clinton improved things greatly. When he came into office we wondered what could be done about the deficit. Now we argue about how to spend the surplus.

I am sure there are those who would give him not one whit of credit for the turnaround, but you can bet that if it had been otherwise he would have gotten all the blame.

The vicious right-wing conspiracy (yes, it is real) tried its best to drive him from office. He was set up and framed at every turn.

He went out of office with his head held high and all flags flying. Much has been made of his liking for the girls. This hardly distinguishes him from other presidents. President Franklin Delano Roosevelt was looking at his mistress when he died. The Republican Party paid Warren Harding's girlfriend to leave town. And then, there were the rumors about John F. Kennedy and about Gen. Dwight Eisenhower's two unsuccessful attempts at sex with his girl driver. Keyhole peepers only reveal their own lack of breeding.

Mr. Clinton is still a young man and will surely be back on the world stage and doing great things to benefit humanity.

Vernon Johnson, Mesena


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