Originally created 01/19/01

Remembering a Civil War warrior

Jan. 21 is the birthday of a most remarkable Southerner who left his mark in history as a military tactician equal to that of Gen. Robert E. Lee.

Some of Thomas J. Jackson's men called him "Old Jack" in the beginning. Later, they referred to him by the sobriquet of "Stonewall." He was given this name by Gen. Bernard Bee in the first battle of Manasses for his unwavering stand at Henry Hill.

The North and South always had differences. It wasn't just slavery. The deeper rift was over tariffs that hurt the South's economy, as well as their more conservative views of the Constitution. Virginia only seceded after failing to convince Abraham Lincoln not to cross its borders with an army intent on invasion. Mr. Lincoln did not want to seek compromise...

The South tried, but was defeated by a much greater manpower. But for those who fought proudly to the end it was their honor to stand together in remembrance of great warriors such as Stonewall Jackson. It was their final duty call.

Robert L. Gordon, North Augusta


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