Originally created 01/10/01

Wants to convert Regency mall into a high school

Awhile ago the mayor of Augusta announced a team of architects would be at Regency Mall to ask for public suggestions as to what to do with the mall.

At the time, I made a suggestion based on the fact that Montgomery Ward was to remain. Recently, Montgomery Ward filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

If the city could purchase the mall, could the Montgomery Ward building be donated to the city and used as a tax write-off?

I have heard it will cost something like $7 million to build a new school. Since the mall could probably be appropriated for just over $2 million, why not buy it for a school?

The building already has a cafeteria, a main office that could be used for the principal, a public safety office, ample restrooms, more than enough entrances and exits for school buses, space for classrooms galore, and the middle wing that extends to the rear of the mall could be extended so a gymnasium could be added on. There is also plenty of outside space for a trackfootball field.

The architects have already stated that the mall idea is a dead issue, due to the fact that it is not on or near an interstate, so why not make it into something the city could really use? By the way, how much did Cross Creek High School cost?

Richard D. Flaherty, Augusta


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